सीएमपी विद्यालय (पांचवीं कक्षा के लिए मैं) पहल (2012/10/01 पर के रूप में अद्यतन किया गया).


क्रम सं. पहल क्लास और विषय उद्देश्य सीखना शुरू में परिकल्पित सीखना उद्देश्य एहसास है या नहीं प्रभारी शिक्षक के पद के साथ साथ नाम


Fruits & Vegetables

II - E.V.S.

The children will be asked to bring some fruits & vegetables of some particular colour group wise. They will enjoy picnic in groups.


Smt. Neeru PRT


Group Dance on national Integration

I to V - Music

Unity dyversity and meners


Smt. Rekha Sharma - Music teacher


Antakshari of Animals Names

III - E.V.S.

Learn more & more animals names. In the book the word animal is used for insects, birds, reptiles and mummals. Try to find out what children understand by the word animal.


Smt. Neelam Garg - PRT


Multiplication and division

II - Maths

By repeated addition product can be obtained. In the same way by repeated subtraction division can be done.


Prema Rawat - PRT