वर्तमान समाचार


क्रम सं. विवरण


Our respected principal  Shri  A.K. Rathi has transferred to Faridabad on 3rd june 2011. He has done a lot for K.V. I.V.R.I.. Mr. A.K. Rathi was a man of character and he was able and hard working. He was very  noble and honest, he was friend, philosopher and guide of the students. He was not only a good administrator but also a good teacher.

And our new principal Smt. Indu Kaushik has joined K.V. I.V.R.I. on 24th June 2011. Before this she was the principal of K.V. Masjid moth, Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi.


Teachers Day was held on 05/09/11.


VMC meeting was held on 08/09/11.


Timing of Parent’s Teacher meeting is changed

Now PTM is held on 30/09/2011 at 10:00am to 12:00 pm


Autumn Break will start from 03/09/11 to 12/09/11


Master Depanshu Pawar has got Consolation prize in Regional Level Science Exhibition at KV FRI, Dehradun on 24/09/2011.


10 Scouts and 5 Guides of our Vidyalaya participated in Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held at KV 2 JLA Bareilly w.e.f 23-09-11 to 26-09-11.


Hindi Pakhawara was organized from 14-09-2011 to 29-09-2011.


Mr. S.K. Suri, Chairman of INSTITUTE OF EHS STUDIES has come to our School  on 20/10/11 and gave information on Environment


’English essay writing competiton was held on school premises on 22.10.11


Organised a drawing competition for class VIth to VIIIth o 22-10-11 on the topic “National Leaders- Events and Settings”.


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Master Pulkit Sachdeva selected for India-Camp in Basket Ball.


Dr. S.V.S. Malik Chief Guest was invited on  11-11-2011 for the ocassion of EDUCATION DAY.


Dr.Rupsi Tiwari (Sr. Scientist HOD ATIC) was invited on 14/11/11 for the CHILDREN DAY.


FAIT was organised by the students in PRIMARY SECTION on 14/11/11.


Goodluck and Mansi participated for the STATE LEVEL PAINTING COMPETITION held on 14/11/11 at Lucknow and Goodluck hold the IInd position.


Goodluck received the amount of Rs. 9000 as a prize and Mansi received Rs. 1000 as a participant.


Goodluck of Class 6th was selected for the NATIONAL LEVEL PAINTING competition.


Jagrati Bhatt participated in Regional Level NATIONAL CHILDREN SCIENCE CONGRESS held at KV Upper Camp Dehradun on 04/11/11. Her topic was SOIL POLLUTION under the theme LAND RESOURCES.


Her project is selected for NATIONAL LEVEL COMPETITON which will be held at KV NO. 1 Jaipur.


ANNUAL FUNCTION was celebrated on 03/12/11.


II Pre- Board Exam will start from 04/01/2012


Our Vidyalaya participated in the District Level Sri Sidhi Vinayak Winter Inter School Cricket Tournament held from 18/12/2011 to 23/12/ 2011 at Bareilly Sports Stadium. 16th schools including KV NER and KV AFS Bareilly, participated in the tournament.

Our Vidyalaya achieved RUNNERS OF POSITION in the tournament.

Master Shubham Gujjar of class XI was declared  BEST BATSMAN of the TOURNAMNET and Master Rohit Kumar of class XII was declared BEST  BOWLER OF THE TOURNAMNET.

District Majistratite of Bareilly, Shri Shubhash Chandra Sharma has appreciated performance of the team and given away the prizes and RUNNERS OF THE TROPHY.


Masetr Pulkit Sachdeva has participated in the SGFI basket ball Tournament held in New Delhi from 28/12/11 to 03/01/12. His performance was appreciated by the officials of the meet.


Farman Arshad of class X and Kunal Sharma of class VIII have been selected for INSPIRE AWARD WARRANTS of Rs. 5000/- each under Inspire Scheme for preparing a Science project/ Model for participating in the Exhibition at Regional/ National Level.


VMC meeting was held on 06/01/12.


Ms. Goodluck of class VI participated in The National Painting Competiton which was conducted on 21st January at NASC complex, PUSA, New Delhi. The topic was ' Conserve Water for the future'.


She got consolation prize of Rs. 5000/- and other gifts and also Rs 1000/- for participation.


PTM was held on 04/02/12.


Grand Parents' Day was celebrated on 10/02/12.


Registration for admission in class Ist was started from 15/02/12.


Farewell of Class XII is to be held on 22/02/12.


KV IVRI Bareilly bids farewell to Mrs Indu Kaushik  (Principal).

Mrs. Indu Kaushik principal KV IVRI Bareilly was selected as Assistant Commissioner KVS Regional Office Agra. Consequently upon her selection as AC, she joined her duties as assistant Commissioner KVS Regional Office  Agra on 4.4.2012. The staff KV IVRI bid her farewell on 10.04.12. Mr. B.D.Oli Principal KV JRC Bareilly, Mr. T.Khan Principal JLA Bareilly and Mr. L.K Pahuja Principal KV AFS Bareilly were the invitees of the occasion. The staff KV IVRI was thankful to Mrs Kaushik for her love and affection and a sense of belongingness.


Km. Priya of class II got First Prize in STATE LEVEL ART COMPETITION conduct by RAJMUNDARI.


Summer Vacation  will be started from 16/05/12 to 24/06/12 for 40 days.


School uniform will be changed from academic session 2012-13 w.e.f July 2012


Assistant Commissioner Mr. K.S. Yadav visited the school on 04.05.2012


Inauguration of newly constructed block as  E-Class Room and School Library by Prof. M.C.Sharma Chairman KV IVRI & Director IVRI on 09.05.2012.