Scouting movements at KV aims to develop discipline and national feelings amongst students thereby making them better citizens. A Number of students get selected for president's award.








i)         Pratham Sopan Camp for Scouts and Guides was organised on 07.08.2011 & In vesture Ceremony organized.

ii)        A rally of Scouts and Guides including the students VI to VIII class Children was organised to create awareness for environment on 23.07.2011

iii)      Nine Scouts & Five guides Passed Tritiya Sopan testing Camp held at KV JLA Bareilly.

iv)       Km. PRERNA PATEL ,Km JAGRITI  BHATT Passed RAJYA PURASKAR Testing Camp of Guides held at Chandigrah.

v)        Master Aman Deep Singh & Master Akash Raj  Mishra Passed RAJYA PURASKAR Testing Camp Scouts  held at Chandigrah.

vi)       Cub & Bulbul Utsav organized on 21th Dec 12.

vii)     On 7-11-11 flag day of Scouts & Guides celebrated & fund collected sent to the concerned office.

viii)    On 25-11-11 Sadbhawna Divas & Sadbhawna Rally  of Scouts and Guides organized in the Vidyalaya.Sampradaik sadbhawna week celebrated from 19-11-11 to 25-11-11.

ix)       On 10,12,11 Pratham & Dwitiya Sopan Testing camp  Scouts and Guides organized in the Vidyalaya.

x)        Thinking day and All faith prayer Programme organized on 22-02-12. The Theme Of Thinking day was “ SAVE THE EARTH PLANET” as decided by year 2012 .

xi)       Registration for Prime Minister Scout & Guide Shield 2012-13 done.

xii)              Name of Four eligible  scout & guide  forwarded for registration form of Rastpati Puraskar testing Camp.



Vidyalaya has also registered outstanding performance in the Scout & Guide as per following details--

  Rastrapati Uraskar -Master Udeshyay Mishra class XI selected for the

                                           Rastrapati Puraskar Testing Camp.

  Pre Rajya Puraskar - 3 boys Master Somit Bhardwaj, Master Subhasish Dam

                                            and Master Rohan Kaulvin of class XI and 3 girls Kumari

                                            Shabnam Bhusra, Kumari Bhawna Rani of class XI and

                                            Kumari Swarna Bhatt of class X are selected for Pre Raj

                                           Puraskar Testing Camp which was organized at KV IIT,


  Tritya Sopan Testing Camp.- 3 students passed Tritya Sopan Testing Camp.




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